Goodbye, Haystack

Before I started working at Mozilla, I used to enjoy my Google-semi-anonymity.

One of the blessings of having a rather common name is that anyone trying to Google me would have to spend several hours sifting through the results.

Today I was looking at referrer stats for this blog and followed a referral link to a Google query for “Paul Kim.” Results below.

search results

This blog is #1 out of 31,800,000 results for “Paul Kim.”

What this says to me:

  • Mozilla bloggers have serious search mojo. (Ya feeling me, Asa, Tristan? 🙂
  • The other Paul Kim’s on page 1 of search results are gonna have to hustle to leapfrog me. Especially the guy with the Sitting on the Toilet blog. (I swear that’s not me.)
  • I should consider going the Rodney Allen Rippy route and add a third name to differentiate my brand.

Thank you Mozilla, for the juice.

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