16 Replies to “Happy New Year”

    1. Hi Paul,

      as you’re responsible for “existing user engagement and retention” could you take a little time out to tell me why my blog: http://thebristolblogger.wordpress.com has been pulled this morning (GMT) without notice?

      It’s a UK-based political blog regarding the city of Bristol and has a readership in the region of 2-3,000, many of whom will be quite upset at its disappearance without explanation. It is also an integral, popular and well-known part of the city’s internet community.

      You are welcome to reply on here (I’ve nothing to hide) or email me at bristol_citizensATyahoo.co.uk

      Many thanks.

      1. So, this ‘nothing to hide’ anonymous little scandal monger has had his blog pulled, presumably one of his many libels have caught up with him.

        Happy New Year !!

      2. What’s happened to the Bristol Blogger? Would be nice to know what has happened? Bring the blog back! And there was me thinking of moving from Google’s Blogger to WordPress….

      3. Who knew that Jan Ormondroyd’s reach had grown so long? I guess it’s the inevitable consequence of speaking truth to power, or possibly just a cockup.

  1. maybe he’s been exposing far to many home truths, rattling to many cages & generally just upsetting the political apple cart !?!?
    whatever it is, the sooner the bristol blogger returns, the better!!!!

  2. Why has the Bristol Blogger been suspended ? And without explanation ?

    What sort of online community is this ?????

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