Mark Twain’s autobiography

“ ‘From the first, second, third and fourth editions all sound and sane expressions of opinion must be left out,’ Twain instructed them in 1906. ‘There may be a market for that kind of wares a century from now. There is no hurry. Wait and see.’

“Twain’s decree will be put to the test when the University of California Press publishes the first of three volumes of the 500,000-word Autobiography of Mark Twain in November. Twain dictated most of it to a stenographer in the four years before his death at 74 on April 21, 1910. He argued that speaking his recollections and opinions, rather than writing them down, allowed him to adopt a more natural, colloquial and frank tone, and Twain scholars who have seen the manuscript agree.”
Larry Rohter reporting on Mark Twain’s Unexpurgated Autobiography (coming this November)

H/T John Lilly

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