How Do You Harness Your Klout?

There was a torrential downpour in Austin that March evening as we hustled from our hotel to a friend’s party. In line for wristbands, we amused ourselves by sending our first tweets together, only appreciating in retrospect, thousands of miles away and weeks later, the beginnings of something vibrant and new.

Five years later, the torrent’s a flood. The proclamations of the move to a web of people, not pages, have come to pass. Everyone’s got a profile, a camera, and a filter, and I’m sharing this because I just started working for a company that has a vision for helping people ride this flow in a new way.

I joined Klout because of the mission: to empower everyone by unlocking their influence. When Joe Fernandez first shared the vision for Klout with me, what stood out for me was that what most people love about Klout — being able to up your visibility on the social web, connecting with like-minded people, and all the awesome free stuff — were just the most obvious benefits. And at the core, Klout is about the power every individual now has to impact the world just by sharing their knowledge, passion and inspiration. How great is that?

It’s an optimistic perspective that recognizes each one of us has an important voice that can bring positive changes into the world. And it’s profoundly democratic because it embodies the belief that everyone can meaningfully participate. (Our Klout for Good program puts this belief into action for projects like UNICEF and (RED).)

Don’t misunderstand. I still love the great perks Klout provides, and I’d love to tap my Klout to share some lovely backstage passes with you or, at the minimum, a free pizza. But I believe what’s even more awesome will be working with everyone here to help you realize and share your own personal influence, and to connect with others to amplify that positive impact in the world.

What you see with Klout now is just the beginning of what Klout will become, as we build more tools to help everyone experience the web of people.

Feel free to check Klout out here.